Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Bacon Heights Baptist Church is well known for our ministry efforts. We adopted 414 Compassion as a mission strategy and have been diligently working to make inroads into the 414 community. These are our neighbors, the people who live within the shadow of our church.  The last thing we want to do is create a barrier for any of our neighbors to become part of our church. Unfortunately, and unintentionally, we’ve done just that with our Sunday morning parking.

We are creating a hazardous situation with our on-street parking. We’re parking next to our entrances and exits which make it very difficult to see oncoming traffic when exiting the parking lot.  Parking on both sides of the street (and my reference is mostly to 54th Street, which is a feeder street) narrows the driving lanes, practically reducing traffic to one-way at a time.

We have ample parking in our lots AND we have access to the Double Nickel parking lot. Yes, it does take a few extra steps to park in our lots compared to parking on the street, but we run our golf carts to shuttle you to the front door. Yes, it is legal to park on the streets, but just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s wise—or neighborly. We really don’t want the people who are not in church on Sunday mornings but who we want to join us getting upset with us because we’re blocking their street.

If you physically cannot walk very far, please park close. If you’re like me and need exercise, please park at the extreme corners of our lots and get in a little cardio before church. If parking on the street is merely a matter of convenience, please consider how it will be for someone if they get hit by an approaching car they were unable to see.  

This is such a small matter but it can communicate we care about being good neighbors.